Personalised T-shirts

Modern traditional collar with the tips pointed outwards, allowing for tie knots of all sizes; can be worn with or without neckwear two button positions allow for a more customized, improved fit. No Pocket: Sleek, streamlined design offers a cleaner appearance developed for less wrinkles and easy care

  • Embroidery front and back both
  • Unisex Shirt
  • 100% ultra soft cotton with round neck/collar
  • 100% jersey/polyester with round neck/Collar
Product Details Designed for
  • Corporate event
  • Corporate company
  • Healthcare uniform
  • Hospital event
  • Marketing company


Q - How can I tell what size I need, my neck is 15 inches?

A – a then you probably want a shirt with a 15-inch neck sizing, as in 15-32

Q - What’s the difference between regular fit and classic fit?

.A- Classic fits are a little looser to give you more air ventilation, regular fits are tighter against your body, but not as tight as a slim fit


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